How does it work

How does it work?

Grow REAL butterflies from Caterpillars. Then let them go!

The Butterfly Garden brings the colour and wonder of LIVING butterflies right into your home in a beautiful, reusable habitat. Watch Nature at work as caterpillars turn into vibrant Painted Lady butterflies – then let them fly away!

First – your caterpillars will eat lots of food and grow up to more than ten times their original size!

Next – they’ll go to sleep upside down in their very own cosy chrysalis. (They’re not really sleeping – a lot of change is happening in there!)

Then, they’ll emerge as beautiful Painted Lady Butterflies!  Watch them drink nectar and interact for a couple of days, then release them up into the sky!

Order more caterpillars to raise another family of butterflies!


What’s in the box?

The Magic of Metamorphosis!
  • Pop-up, 30cm hangable Butterfly Garden hatching habitat that folds flat when not in use.
  • 10 Caterpillars and all the special food they need to grow into stunning Painted Lady butterflies.  That’s twice the amount of caterpillars in a standard Butterfly Garden!
  • Fun-filled instructions and feeding pipette
  • Cool butterfly poster
  • Butterfly Garden stickerboard with removable nature stickers
  • Live Caterpillar delivery from the leader in live butterfly kits for children and classrooms for 45 years!


What is in the box